Giuseppe Arezzi ,Ragusa, Sicily, 1993.
Born in Ragusa in 1993, in 2016 he graduated at the Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Design, in the Master’s Degree in Interior Design. During the years at the Politecnico, he studied – among others – with Andrea Branzi and Michele De Lucchi. 
He collaborated for several years with Studio Francesco Faccin and Studio Emanuele Magenta in Milan.
The focus of his work is the research about anthropology and cultural traditions. 
From 2016 he is “Cultore della Materia” at the Politecnico di Milano in the experimental laboratory of the teachers Andrea Branzi, Michele De Lucchi and Francesca Balena Arista. 
In 2016, with the project “Protoplast”, he is part of the designers under 35 selected by the Milan Triennale for the exhibition “New Craft”, on the occasion of the XXI Triennale. 
In 2017, with the project “Beata Solitudo” he exhibited inside the project “Una Stanza Tutta Per Sé” curated by Domitilla Dardi for Cantiere Galli Design, in Rome.  
In February 2019 – nominated by Margherita Guccione and Domitilla Dardi he took part in the “Promesse dell’Arte” residency, promoted by the Italian Institute of Culture in Paris. 
His work is published in the most important magazines such as Domus, Living, Interni and others. 
He currently lives and works between Ragusa and Milan.
Portrait: Melissa Carnemolla
“I have been very fascinated by Giuseppe Arezzi’s work ever since, as a student, he was attending the workshop I held with Andrea Branzi and Michele De Lucchi at Politecnico di Milano in 2014/2015.
His projects are timeless devices, they are able to open multiple uses and, therefore, to do what nowadays any project should do.  
In fact, Giuseppe Arezzi’s work is the most topical one could conceive: Giuseppe is like a relay pointing to the world, lead by his incredible curiosity and his impelling desire to know what is happening around him, as well as by the extraordinary ability to critically analyse the information he collects without getting lost, which is a rather rare virtue. 
His works, always emerging from a careful anthropological research, are characterized by an extreme attention to detail.
They are absolutely original, fresh, and always have strong, essential traits: Giuseppe Arezzi never needs to raise his tone to get noticed.
His digital collages, which accompany every project, are delicate poems with a vein of kind irony.
As Ettore Sottsass wrote: “There are those who draw seats for the “company” and those who imagine the city where everyone is happy. There are moments in which one puts on his jacket and shoes, leaves home and goes to the cinema, and there are moments in which one, lying in bed with his eyes wide open, wonders what happens at that very moment in the outskirts of Hong Kong, in the houses inhabited by thousands of beings who do not have enough space to feel human».
Here, Giuseppe Arezzi, is one of these people.
He’s someone who thinks hard and draws objects that talk about the contemporary chaos and can face silence at the same time.”
Francesca Balena Arista
February 2019