Giuseppe Arezzi | BEATA SOLITUDO |2017
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Client: Cantiere Galli Design
Curator: Domitilla Dardi
Photo: Francesco Conti
Press Office: Martina Gamboni
The Contemporary Man no longer works to accumulate for future use, but to live in the present.
This transitory condition leads some individuals to take refuge in the search of intimacy with themselves and nature.
After a deep anthropological analysis of contemporary hermits, the research has been narrowed down to a few main themes: the relationship man/nature and vernacular architecture, the figure of the craftsman, the “contemporary primitive” designer and the shelter.
The ultimate aim was the design of a housing module for “the Technological , Dynamic and Primitive Hermit”.
“O beata solitudo, o sola beatitudo” – Only by isolating himself from the world and from the others, one can find the pleasure of the quietness of the soul.
Beata Solitudo is the shelter of the contemporary hermit – technological, dynamic and primitive – a small house with everything you need to live on your own: a place where to cook, a place where to eat, a place where to bathe, a place where to sleep and an attic for storing food and looking at the stars; there are also spaces to breed animals and all the tools one might need to exploit renewable energy sources.
This shelter has been designed as a product rather than as definitive architecture; with his rigid, self-supporting structure it can be placed anywhere in the world. The wooden walls, conceived as frames, allow to weave a different coverage every time, depending on where the refuge is assembled: it can turn into a house made of carpets if settled down in Mongolia or in the desert, of palm trees in Thailand or in equatorial countries, of sealskin in Antarctica …
Beata Solitudo is not just a physical space, it also aims to represent the lifestyle of the technological dynamic and primitive hermit.