Giuseppe Arezzi | PER PET URN | 2019
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Co-designed with Emanuele Magenta
Finalist Project of the “Guiltless Plastic” Contest by “Rossana Orlandi”
Photo: Nicola Zocchi
We usually use plastic for industrializing disposable objects, such as fast fashion accessories easily perishable but difficult to dispose of and highly polluting. We decided to gather these products and their processing waste, shred them, mix them together with a natural resin and give life to a new eco-sustainable and eternal material: the REVA. From the REVA, we give life to “PER PET URN”: an urn to house the ashes or small memories of our dead pets. PER PET URN, is the object that makes the memory eternal, in honor of all the animals died in our seas for plastic pollution.